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The Liber Usualis contains only two other settings, designated as "Credo V" and "Credo VI," which is far fewer than for other settings of the Ordinary.

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In musical settings of the Credo, as in the Gloria , the first line is intoned by the celebrant alone Credo in unum Deum , or by a soloist, while the choir or congregation joins in with the second line. This tradition continued through the Middle Ages and Renaissance , and is even followed in more recent settings. In Stravinsky 's Mass , for example, a soloist intones the first line, which is from the plainchant Credo I.

In Mass settings of the Baroque, Classical and Romantic period the Credo line is usually set for whole choir, such as in the Symbolum Nicenum Nicene Creed of Bach's Mass in B minor , where the composer uses plainchant as the theme for a fugue, in the later Masses of Haydn , and the Missa Solemnis of Beethoven. The melody of Credo I first appears in eleventh-century manuscripts, but it is believed to be much older, and perhaps Greek in origin.

It is almost entirely syllabic , probably because of the length of the text, and consists of a great deal of repetition of melodic formulas. In polyphonic settings of the Mass, the Credo is usually the longest movement, but is usually set more homophonically than other movements, probably because the length of the text demanded a more syllabic approach, as was seen with chant as well.


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A few composers notably Heinrich Isaac have set Credos independently from the rest of the ordinary, presumably to allow their insertion into missae breves or their omission where a said or chanted Credo is the custom. Settings of alternative texts as a Credo outside the Mass, as a motet, are extremely rare. The first published polyphonic settings of the Symbolum Apostolorum were settings by the French composer Le Brung in , and two further settings by the Spanish composer Fernando de las Infantas in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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See also: Nicene Creed. Mary Magdalen.

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