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This fifth instalment of Katie's roller-coaster life provides intimate access to her side of all the stories with her own Suddenly jobless, friendless and heartbroken at the most romantic Inside the Changeling Kingdom, danger lurks everywhere! Each of the Mane Six will have to put her best hoof forward if the ponies are to survive the night. Unfortunately thats exactly what the Changeling Queen expects!

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Will our Queen Chrysalis has returned! The ponies have no time to horse around, as they set off to rescue their friends from the Changeling Kingdom. What magical adventures await them, and where the heck is Princess Celestia? The ponies have noticed somethings not right in Ponyville, as some of the town's inhabitants are acting very, very strange! Its up to the Mane Six to find the source of the weirdness before its too late! When the Mane 6 reach the heart of the Changeling Kingdom they find themselves at the mercy of Queen Chrysalis.

A sinister offer threatens to tear the group apart before they can save the day. Will friendship prevail over the When evil forces threaten the ponies' good life, its up to the Mane Six to use the Magic The action never stops in Ponyville!

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The Cutiemark Crusaders hit the great outdoors with their class! Find out about the untold first meeting of Twilight and baby Spike! Rainbow Dash's grumpy mood starts to affect her friends Based on the hit movie, join the girls as they get settled into Canterlot High. Plus, Sunset Shimmer tries to find the true meaning of the holidays as rumors circulate around the school. Collects the Annual and the Katie Price returns with this incredible new instalment of her life in the public eye. The real story of one of the most notorious celebrities in Britain today. Applejack and Rarity's friendship is put to the test during a crazy road trip.

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Price made cameo appearances as herself in the television dramas Dream Team and Footballers' Wives in She also appeared on Top Gear ' s " Star in a Reasonably Priced Car " in , completing the lap in one minute and fifty-two seconds. Top Gear UK. Price was a contestant on the third series of I'm a Celebrity It was there that she met Peter Andre , whom she would eventually marry and later divorce.

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  5. In November , Price made a return visit to I'm a Celebrity She has also been the subject of many reality television series that chronicle her domestic life. In , Price appeared on the fifteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother. She had been previously invited to appear on the show. Price has launched a range of nutrition supplements, including meal replacement shakes, that are promoted with unsupported claims about their wholesomeness and benefit. Price has also established herself in the publishing industry.

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    She released her first autobiography, Being Jordan , in May Her second novel, Crystal , about a young woman's efforts to become a singer, sold , copies during the first three months after its release in June New books in the series have been released to a total of 12 as of Price's daughter Princess landed her own book deal at the age of nine in Price had a regular advice column in OK!

    Price was runner-up in the selection contest for a representative for the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest. Price sang a song titled "Not Just Anybody". About the release, she explained: "I'm not a singer, this is just something that I'm doing for fun.

    It's not like I'm worried about getting a chart position or number one, this is purely for fun. Whether people like it or not, I'm doing it. She brought out her first perfume, "Stunning", in In Price was named as the patron of a charity polo match played near Epping , Essex. She gained votes. The seat was won by Labour 's Beverley Hughes with 23, votes.

    Following online abuse focused on her son Harvey, Price began a campaign to make online abuse a specific criminal offence. She took her campaign to Parliament in Helen Jones , chairman of the parliamentary Petitions Committee subsequently commented: "The law on online abuse is not fit for purpose and it is truly shameful that disabled people have been forced off social media while their abusers face no consequences. There is no excuse for the continued failure to make online platforms as safe for disabled people as non-disabled people.

    Self-regulation has failed disabled people and the law must change to ensure more lives are not destroyed. The Government is expected to respond to the recommendations by the end of March Price and Peter Andre got together after spending time on I'm a Celebrity In May they announced that they were separating. They separated in January Hayler proposed on Christmas Day Harvey's father is former footballer Dwight Yorke.

    Harvey was found to be blind , having a condition known as septo-optic dysplasia , meaning that the development of his optic nerve was unpredictable. As he has matured, she has also discovered that he is on the autistic spectrum , gains weight easily because he suffers from Prader—Willi syndrome , and finds walking difficult.

    On 4 August , she gave birth to a second daughter, Bunny Hayler, two weeks prematurely. In , Price was treated for a leiomyosarcoma on her finger. The cancerous tumour was removed at a Nuffield Hospital near her Brighton home. In December , Price underwent surgery in the United States to reduce the size of her breast implants and also had rhinoplasty. However, she was not happy with the results of her breast implants, so returned to Beverly Hills, California in July for corrective surgery. She returned to the United Kingdom with much smaller size 32C breasts.

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    In September , Price claimed that she had previously been raped by a "famous celebrity", but had not reported the incident. Price insisted that she would "absolutely never" reveal who the attacker was. In January Price was disqualified from driving for three months after breaching the conditions of a previous driving ban for speeding.